Balancing Acts: Sophie Wright on Navigating Entrepreneurship and Parenthood

Mar 13, 2024

Dive into the inspiring journey of Sophie Wright, an entrepreneur who seamlessly blends her passion for sociology and philosophy with a successful career in accounting. From backpacking across Europe to establishing herself as a sought-after freelance CFO, Sophie’s story is one of perseverance, innovation, and strategic growth.

She shares her experiences transitioning from maternity leave back into the workforce, overcoming biases, and embracing the flexibility of remote work to manage work-life balance effectively. Sophie discusses the rising trend of fractional CFO services, her specialisation in Creative Media Technology and non-profit sectors, and the lessons learned in marketing her business.

She highlights the importance of outsourcing non-core functions for small businesses to focus on their strengths and the benefits of work-life balance in entrepreneurship and shares practical advice on financial planning and cash flow management for business owners. Sophie’s insights offer invaluable guidance for entrepreneurs navigating the complexities of starting and growing a business while maintaining a fulfilling personal life. Her expertise in finance, coupled with her commitment to flexibility and work-life balance, makes this episode a must-listen for aspiring business owners and working parents alike.