Breaking Barriers: Jessica Crane on Triumph, Systems, and Salon Success

Mar 8, 2024

In this inspiring episode, Matt Southam sits down with Jessica Crane, a trailblazer who transformed her challenging upbringing in Birmingham into a beacon of entrepreneurship and mental well-being. Jessica delves into her journey from starting a car washing business at 10 to managing a salon by 18 and how she rebuilt her life and career after personal setbacks to become a successful consultant and coach for salon owners. Jessica discusses overcoming childhood trauma, breaking cycles of negativity, and the importance of gender equality in business. She shares insights on time management, creating efficient business systems and processes, and adapting to changing consumer expectations. Jessica emphasises the need for mentorship in entrepreneurship and the impact of mindset on success and provides resources for salon owners looking to excel in their ventures. Join us as Jessica Crane reveals how resilience, systems, and a strong support network can propel individuals towards achieving their business goals and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.