Creating Tomorrow’s Guardians: Toby Hunt on Sustainability Education for Children

May 29, 2024

Join Matt Southam in an enlightening dialogue with Toby Hunt, a tech entrepreneur turned environmental educator dedicated to shaping a sustainable future through children’s education. In this episode, Toby discusses his transition from technology to environmental advocacy, focusing on empowering the next generation with the knowledge and habits necessary to care for our planet. Together,

Matt and Toby explore the challenges and strategies of integrating sustainability into business models and educational content. They delve into the significance of starting sustainability education early, making learning enjoyable, and the role of humour in engaging young minds. Toby also shares insights on the importance of resilience and optimism in driving environmental initiatives and the critical balance between aiming for perfection and making progressive changes. This conversation is a deep dive into the innovative approaches to environmental education that can inspire children to become lifelong stewards of the earth. It’s a must-listen for anyone interested in sustainability, education, or making a positive impact on the world through thoughtful, purpose-driven actions.