Engineering a Greener Future: Ron Daniel on Climate Solutions and Water Management

Apr 22, 2024

In this episode, join Matt Southam as he interviews Ron Daniel, an engineer and entrepreneur with extensive experience in climate change solutions. Ron discusses the critical “Poly crisis” affecting the planet, including environmental refugees and soil degradation, and emphasises the urgent need for environmental action. Ron advocates for a shift from traditional energy sources to geothermal energy, sharing his experiences in Kuwait and Bahrain with innovative water management projects. He highlights the use of subsurface water for air conditioning, successful water extraction, and irrigation systems and addresses the challenges and opportunities in water security and sustainable solutions. Explore Ron’s insights on desalination techniques and their potential benefits in places like Hastings, UK, and Morocco. He stresses the importance of individual actions in environmental impact, discussing small domestic changes and the necessity of systemic changes to tackle climate change effectively.