Evolving Tech PR and Marketing: Insights from Velocity’s Co-Founder Stan Woods

Jun 1, 2024

Join Matt Southam for an insightful discussion with Stan Woods, co-founder of Velocity, as they delve into the transformative landscape of tech PR and marketing over the decades. Stan shares his firsthand experiences from the early days of the internet era with Cisco to the current challenges and strategies in B2B marketing.

In this episode, Stan and Matt explore the evolution from traditional to data-driven marketing approaches, emphasising the increasing need for accountability in brand impact measurements. They also discuss the critical role of personal branding in the tech industry, the strategic importance of integrating marketing silos, and the influence of leadership on business culture and growth.

Stan reflects on his journey from an academic background in defence economics to becoming a managing director in PR, highlighting the lessons learned in entrepreneurship, business management, and the significance of nurturing a positive company culture. This conversation provides valuable lessons on adapting to tech industry shifts, prioritising employee well-being, and the necessity of creativity and collaboration in sustaining business growth and innovation.