From IT Security to Deli Delights: Mark Kacary’s Entrepreneurial Shift

Jun 8, 2024

Join Matt Southam as he delves into the fascinating journey of Mark Kacary, who transitioned from a career in IT security to embracing the world of gastronomy as the owner of a deli in London. In this episode, Mark shares how his background, influenced by his parents who were Polish immigrants in the restaurant trade, shaped his career path from IT to the food industry. Discover how Mark navigated the challenges of entrepreneurship during the COVID-19 pandemic, shifting his business model from retail to e-commerce, and his innovative approach to reviving foot traffic through organising a food and drink festival in Hunstanton. Mark and Matt explore the resilience required to manage a family-owned business during economic downturns, the impact of remote work on local high streets, and the importance of creating unique in-store experiences to attract customers. This conversation not only highlights Mark’s entrepreneurial spirit and adaptability but also his passion for providing quality gastronomic experiences. Listen to how personal heritage and professional experience combine to redefine success and community engagement in the modern retail landscape.