Innovating Freedom: Paul Blair’s Journey from Military to Tech Entrepreneur

Dec 27, 2023

Dive into the world of innovation and entrepreneurship with Paul Blair, the creator of a revolutionary smart ring designed to help people with injuries or disabilities control devices hands-free. In this episode, Paul shares his journey from leaving a corporate job to pursuing his entrepreneurial dreams, and the serendipitous meeting with his CTO that propelled their business forward. Paul reflects on how his military experience shaped his leadership style in a startup environment, emphasising the importance of learning from mistakes and prioritising self-care. He and his co-speaker discuss managing work-life balance, with a focus on exercise and self-care as key to maintaining well-being while building a successful business. Discover the milestones and future goals of Paul’s startup, including the impact of music on physical performance and the upcoming software upgrades aimed at enhancing user experience. Paul also shares his passion for mentoring military veterans and offers valuable advice for aspiring entrepreneurs, highlighting the importance of mentorship and genuine belief in one’s work.