Marketing with Purpose: Magda Kolesinski’s Journey to Building a Remote Digital Agency

Jan 24, 2024

In this episode, we explore Magda Kolesinski’s entrepreneurial journey in the world of digital marketing. Magda shares how she started by helping friends with marketing tasks, eventually building a successful agency with a strong focus on specialisation and standardisation. She discusses the evolution of her agency, scaling down from offering a wide array of services to prioritising retention marketing through email, SMS, and loyalty messaging. Magda delves into the importance of saying no to clients who don’t fit the agency’s goals and how this decision has empowered her business. She reflects on work-life balance, the desire for flexibility, and finding purpose in working with mission-driven businesses. Magda and her co-speaker also discuss the challenges and rewards of growing a remote business, emphasising the importance of culture, team motivation, and adapting to the changing landscape of work during COVID-19. Join us as Magda shares valuable insights on building genuine customer relationships through email marketing, the advantages of remote work culture, and the strategies that have helped her build a successful digital marketing agency.