Redefining Education: Emma Rogers on Global Learning and Equality

Apr 10, 2024

Join Matt Southam as he engages in a thought-provoking conversation with Emma Rogers, co-founder of an innovative edtech company dedicated to revolutionising the way children worldwide learn English. Emma shares her ambitious vision to transform the education system, emphasising the development of skills like language and critical thinking over outdated knowledge. She addresses the challenges of educational inequality and the potential for technology to offer solutions.

Emma and Matt explore the difficulties of changing long-established education systems, the rise of homeschooling, hybrid learning models, and the critical role of supporting teachers through these transitions. They delve into the systemic barriers that perpetuate inequality in education and discuss how Emma’s platform aims to make learning English accessible and engaging through technology.

Discover Emma’s journey from children’s publishing to tech entrepreneurship, the challenges she faced in a male-dominated industry, and her insights on work-life balance, community building, and the importance of networking for personal and professional growth. Emma also shares her experiences with language learning and communication, underscoring the importance of enjoying the entrepreneurial journey and setting boundaries to prevent burnout.