Revolutionising Regenerative Care: Dr. Fahad Attar’s Path from Orthopaedics to Entrepreneurship

Jun 5, 2024

Join Matt Southam as he delves into the inspiring journey of Dr. Fahad Attar, an orthopaedic surgeon turned entrepreneur, who is pioneering advances in regenerative therapies through his company, Regenesiss. This episode explores Dr. Attar’s transition from traditional medicine to launching a startup focused on non-surgical, non-invasive treatments tailored to individual patient needs, particularly for sports-related injuries.

Dr. Attar shares his insights on the importance of a holistic approach to healthcare, addressing both mental and physical aspects to optimise recovery and prevent future injuries. He discusses the challenges and successes of founding Regenesiss, the resilience required to overcome setbacks, and the crucial balance between personal life and professional ambition.

Listeners will gain an understanding of the innovative strategies in sports medicine, the significance of perseverance in entrepreneurship, and how Dr. Attar’s approach to patient care is reshaping perceptions of treatment efficacy and healthcare delivery.