Sponsorship Savvy: Richard Busby on Creating Value in Business and Events

Feb 7, 2024

Join us in an insightful conversation with Richard Busby, an entrepreneur with a diverse sponsorship and event management background. Richard shares his journey from book publishing to the $77 billion sponsorship industry, highlighting his passion and curiosity across various fields.

He discusses how his work involves connecting companies with sponsorship opportunities that enhance their business. Richard recounts his experiences in organising a national pool championship, emphasising the importance of leveraging media connections and guaranteeing coverage. He delves into the evolution of sponsorship, from sporting events to arts and culture, and the need for sponsors to add meaningful value to events.

Explore the nuances of sponsorship and brand image across industries, including unique opportunities like space industry sponsorships and local event partnerships. Richard and his co-speaker discuss the multifaceted benefits of sponsorship beyond branding, such as customer retention, HR advantages, and employee satisfaction.