Sustainable Style: David Biren on Crafting Ethical Fashion

Jan 10, 2024

In this insightful episode, we sit down with David Biren, the founder of the ethical fashion brand STPL. David shares his journey of creating a brand focused on quality, affordability, and sustainability, challenging the norms of the fashion industry. He emphasises the significance of authenticity and quality in every product, from the choice of materials to the final design. David recounts his experiences with business growth, product development, and the hurdles of finding reliable suppliers. He opens up about the setbacks he faced, including issues with initial manufacturing and navigating supply chain disruptions during COVID-19, and how these challenges led to valuable lessons in patience and perseverance. Join us as David delves into the importance of work-life balance in entrepreneurship, the competitive nature of the fashion industry, and his advice on managing stress while running a business. He also discusses the importance of self-improvement, personal growth, and maintaining emotional detachment from the business for clear decision-making.