Tech and Tenacity: Paul Sullivan’s Journey in Entrepreneurship

Jan 17, 2024

Join us in a dynamic conversation with Paul Sullivan, an entrepreneur with a rich history in finance and technology. Paul shares his early curiosity about how things worked, leading to his first business venture in automating tasks and his remarkable career progression in the finance and tech sectors. From impressive beginnings at JP Morgan to launching a publishing business and diving into e-commerce, Paul’s journey is a testament to innovation and adaptability. Paul discusses his experiences with a failed mobile app game, reflecting on missed opportunities and the importance of engaging content. He shares insights on leadership and innovation, expressing frustration with the slow pace of change in the tech industry and the disconnect between traditional business operations and rapid technological advancements. Explore the challenges of digital transformation, the potential of AI in marketing and sales, and the crucial role of personal involvement and competitiveness in business. Paul highlights the importance of balancing family time and personal interests, emphasising how fear of failure, constant learning, and refining strategies are key to entrepreneurial success.