The Power of Recovery: Lottie Whyte on Fitness, Entrepreneurship, and Well-Being

Dec 20, 2023

Join us in an enlightening conversation with Lottie Whyte, where she delves into the critical importance of exercise recovery for muscle and joint health. She shares her journey from a career in PR to establishing her own fitness brand, discussing the challenges and triumphs of entrepreneurship, business growth, and maintaining personal well-being. Lottie and Matt explore the balance between scaling a business and personal life, emphasising the value of self-care, family time, and personal growth. They also discuss the pressures of conforming to idealised routines and the importance of having a flexible approach to personal wellness. Lottie’s vision for her fitness brand and her experiences with innovative recovery techniques like the mini chiller offer a unique perspective on the intersection of fitness and business. Lottie’s insights provide valuable lessons on the interplay of fitness, entrepreneurship, and the pursuit of a balanced, fulfilling life.