Through the Lens: Sunny Dhaliwal’s Journey from Weddings to Headshots

Mar 20, 2024

Join Matt Southam as he dives into an enlightening conversation with Sunny Dhaliwal, a versatile photographer who transitioned from wedding videography to becoming the mastermind behind The Headshot Studio.

Sunny shares his transformative journey, from the early realisation of his creative passion to overcoming burnout and reinventing his career. He discusses the evolution of his business, the pivotal role of social media and marketing strategies in achieving growth, and the profound impact of work-life balance on his personal and professional life.

Sunny reflects on the challenges of entrepreneurship within the first-generation British Asian community, the importance of personal branding in the modern job market, and his innovative approach to making clients feel comfortable and confident during headshot sessions. Discover how Sunny’s journey through the lens has led to explosive business growth, a deeper appreciation for family time, and a commitment to helping others present their best selves to the world.